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He worked mainly in the Southern Asian section of the library. Lentils are another common specialty. Many women wear pants, plazzo and tight jeans with long shirts as well as short shirts.

The capital of Pakistan is the modern city of Islamabad, although its cultural and economic centers continue to be Lahore and Karachi. Punjab is also a portion of the country; it was the home of the founder of the Sikh religion, and it continues to play a significant role in Pakistan.

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Our culture has never been purely Islamic, from our mostly Hindu-inspired wedding ceremonies to our varying folk dances and dresses.

The women of Pakistan are regular voters as are the men, and women also are regular attendees at colleges. Bilateral Economic Relations Pakistan is the sixth largest country in the world by population and the 40th largest economy, with GDP growth reaching 5.

They often take back to Pakistan gifts of money, food, and clothing for friends and family, and donate generously to charities. First-generation Pakistani Americans travel to their native land at least once every few years, and tens of thousands of airplane tickets are sold to Pakistani Americans every year.

Hundreds of thousands of Hindus and Muslims died in the riots that followed independence, as Muslims from India migrated to Pakistan and Hindus who lived in the newly created Pakistan streamed into India. There are a number of other urban areas throughout Pakistan, but one of the best known is the city of Peshawar, which is the northernmost major city and is home to the gateway to the Khyber Pass.

Zoroastrians or Parsees trace their roots to ninth-century Persia, and form a minuscule religious minority in both India and Pakistan. Unleavened breads made with white and wheat flour are eaten with many meals; these include the robust naan, claybaked roti, and paratha. The response to that greeting, conveying the same meaning, is Aleikum Salaam.

Locale makes an important difference in the quality of life; a low-income person in an urban area has more problems than one living in a tribal, mountainous area. Due to lack of evidence, she was convicted for adultery under the Zina ordinance, while the rapists were acquitted.

More information about Pakistan is available from the Department of State and other sources, some of which are listed here: Efforts are being made and outside the educational establishment to address this concern.

Promotes Pakistani culture in America, holds national conventions and seminars on issues of interest to the community. Recent researches have traced the Indus valley civilization to even earlier ancestry.

Women have inheritance rights in Pakistan, so that inheritance benefits can go to women and children after the death of the husband and father. Thus, the election was effectively a plebiscite in which the Indian Muslims were to vote on the creation of Pakistan, a plebiscite won by the Muslim League.

For instance, a literacy clause was added to a number of bills, requiring that immigrants pass a literacy test to be considered eligible for citizenship. However, it should be noted that Muslim immigrants from India and the region that is now Pakistan entered the United States as early as the eighteenth century, working alongside their Hindu or Sikh brethren in agriculture, logging, and mining in the western states of California, Oregon, and Washington.

Culture of Pakistan

Child Rearing and Education. Dating is discouraged, and marriage between Pakistani Americans within the larger community in general and within the ethnic subcommunities in particular, with parental approval, is actively encouraged.

She was sentenced to fifteen lashes, five years imprisonment, and a fine of rupees. Benazir Bhutto was the first female prime minister and served from to Families often visit the mosque once a week, usually on Friday afternoons, where the Imam leads the prayer.

The Muslim Family Law Ordinance[14] which regulated marriage, divorce, and polygamy [15] continues to have a significant legal impact on the women of Pakistan. In a new report, researchers at the Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science concluded that most men convicted of on-street grooming were Pakistani.

Daily life and social customs. Throughout Pakistan, as in most agrarian societies, Music has long been a part of Pakistani culture, and the country was greatly influenced by the northern Indian tradition of Hindustani music.

Traditional and local styles abound. Pakistan is the difficult child of South Asia – blessed with abundant natural and historical riches, but plagued by political instability, which has kept the country. In Pakistani culture the male member of the family enjoys the key position.

The family is headed by a male member and in most cases, he is the sole source of income for other members of the family. 7. A Pakistani exchange student who was killed in the Texas shooting last week decided to study in the U.S.

because she wanted to “experience a new culture” and aspired to be a diplomat. Photos Pakistani Villages. Editor’s Note: Rare black & white village life photos dating back to s are in the last portion of this post.

Pakistan is an agriculture based country and most of the population lives in the rural areas. People living in the villages have their own way of life which is .

Pakistani culture
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